The basis for the production of our covers and upholstery is an antibacterial foam that completely releases the moisture through its unique open-pored cell structure and even after heavy rain it is dry within the shortest amount of time. Hence, the formation of mould is excluded. Furthermore, fabric upholstery is equipped with a memory function which ensures that the original shape does not change.



The seat cushion fabric made of solid-coloured, weather-resistant and UV-protected acrylic fibres can withstand any weather condition. A pleasant touch, like cotton material, provide additional comfort.



The upholstery made of thermoplastic fibres guarantees a soft and comfortable sitting comfort.



The core of the cushion is made of the QuickDry cushion foam. It’s open cell structure in the foam allows the penetrating moisture to pass through faster. Furthermore, the foam has a memory effect, whereby the cushions return to their original shape and can maintain their shape in the long-run. The foam treated with antibacterial substances is weather-resistant so that the cushions can either be used or stored out in the open all year round.